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But lately, Business is dry as a bone. Her mouth felt as dry as a bone. as dry as a bone translation german, English - German dictionary, meaning, see also &39;bone china&39;,bone dry&39;,bone idle&39;,bone marrow&39;, example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary. You&39;re at that age and you know it all And you&39;re not even hearing what I say Knowing better never kept me outta trouble I don&39;t care I&39;m gonna tell you anyway. put them in the middle. parched lips arid extremely dry because of lack or rain and therefore difficult for growing crops the arid landscape of the. Your hair consists of three layers. Il est sec comme de l&39;amadou.

Why, I&39;m as dry as a bone already. The equivalent phrase &39;as dry as a bone&39; give testament to that, as virtually all of the &39;as X as Y&39; similes point to a well-known property (that is, X) of some person or thing (that is, Y). DO NOT expose to high temperature heat sources or any form of ignition! Polish off your look with our range of genuine Driza-Bone accessories. Wir sind ebenso trocknen wir ausgedörrte Knochen, ausgewrungen. (as) dry as a bone definition is - completely dry.

The rest of the garden&39;s dry as a bone. Choose from the varying styles - we’re happy to help if you need some advice. &39;Bone dry&39; clearly derives from an allusion to the dryness of bone after being left in the sun. Il est sec comme un os. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. You can hear Arm still refining his vocal style; the sardonic drawl that characterizes his work in Mudhoney is quite not there yet.

Le reste du jardin est sec comme un os. You may also buy a 2/4 spike fact to deal with the M. DrizaboneClothing. From extra layers like the wool liner for your traditional oilskin coat, to soft leather belts, fully weatherproof bags and a range of oilskin hats and hoods our accessories collection has everything you need to make your outfit shine or find the perfect gift for that hard to buy for friend or family member. Mais il n&39;y a pas aucune trace d&39;eau sur le pont. If your hair is healthy, natural oils in the outer layer.

Green River chose to record Dry As a Bone for Bruce Pavitt&39;s DRY AS A BONE / RE new label, Sub Pop Records. Aber in letzter Zeit ist das Geschäft knochendrocken. The Dry As a Bone and Rehab Doll deluxe editions provide a comprehensive (though not exhaustive) overview of the band&39;s work compiling, as they do, the outcomes of five of the band&39;s official. The clothes should be dry. Walk between the raindrops dry as a bone You&39;re laying low, staying outta sight Hanging out in your room You&39;re up all night by the monitor&39;s light And sleeping through the afternoon.

Regarde, sec comme un os. The mini-LP Dry As A Bone, which came out in 1987, and the band&39;s lone full-length Rehab Doll, which came out in 1988, were released as a single CD with a few bonus cuts, including their sneering cover of David Bowie&39;s "Queen Bitch" and their marauding version of Dead Boys&39; "Ain&39;t Nothin&39; to Do," in 1990—but they&39;ve been unavailable on vinyl. · Half of the bonus tracks on Dry As a Bone are some of Green River’s earliest recordings, laid down in either late 1985 or early 1986 (exact memories of the era are a bit fuzzy). The Driza-Bone Reproofer Wax (tin) is an oil/wax compound that needs to be heated up by placing the tin in hot water (with the lid off) as this will liquefy the dressing (essential for easy and effective application) Do not place tin in microwave. See full list on discogs.

J&39;ai la bouche. Et Todd n&39;a pas mouillé son lit. Use only original Driza-Bone proofing compound as substitutes could harm the garment. But the deck is dry as a bone. That mutton you sold Father Brown yesterday - dry as a bone. Her mouth felt as dry as a bone and her eyes were closed against the intrusiv. Das Hammelfleisch, das Sie Pater Brown verkauften, ist knochentrocken. As they say, "It has clothed the men who built the railways, roads and highways of Australia, served in the two world wars and travelled with the explorers — from the vast ice sheets of the Antarctic to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas.

DO NOT dry clean. I am dry as a bone. Note: People also use the much more frequent adjective bone-dry to mean the same thing. Using 4/2 ninjas under a 2/3 village and a 3/2 ice tower is a good way.

Fires have destroyed more than 200,000 acres of bone-dry forests. In particular, Rank 3+ Banana Farms (I had Rank 5 Banana Farm), Rank 5+ Monkey Tycoon (I had Rank 5 Monkey Tycoon), have Rank 5+ Ninja (I had Rank 6 Ninja), Rank 3+ Monkey Village (not too essential, but I had Rank 6) Rank 4+ Bomb Shooter (I had Rank 5 Bomb Shooter), Rank 5+ Ice Tower (Rank 3 is fine, but I used Rank 5+), and Rank 3+ Mortar Monkey (I had Rank 5 Mortar Monkey). Dry as a bone definition: very dry | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. " Explained by Safyra on Mon, - 02:06 Explained by Safyra.

He&39;s as dry as a bone. Walk between the raindrops dry as a bone You&39;re laying low, staying outta sight Hanging out in your room You&39;re up all night by the monitor&39;s light And sleeping through the afternoon Well, I won&39;t tell you how you gotta be You&39;re old enough to make a choice It&39;s just that in between all the words on the screen I doubt you&39;ll ever hear a human voice. © Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. Je suis sec de la proue à la poupe! Very dry, a variant of bone dry, but can also be used as assurance to being dry: "You&39;ll be dry as a bone! How to use (as) dry as a bone in a sentence.

If something is as dry as a bone, it is very dry. dry as a bone If something is as dry as a bone, it is very dry. More DRY AS A BONE / RE images. Is pond dry as bone? Who recorded dry as bone?

It is as dry as a bone. bone-dry: 1 adj without a trace of moisture; as DRY AS A BONE / RE dry as a weathered bone “ bone-dry leaves are a fire hazard” Synonyms: bone dry dry free from liquid or moisture; lacking natural or normal moisture or depleted of water; or no longer wet. Most people chose this as the best definition of bone-dry: The definition of bone-dr. That appy kid&39;s dry as a bone. My gui/et is dry as a bone: Mon gosier est sec comme un os: Let the rainy season come, you&39;ll be dry as a bone.

as dry as a bone translation in English - Spanish Reverso dictionary, see also &39;bone up&39;,bone china&39;,bone marrow&39;,carpal bone&39;, examples, definition, conjugation. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1987 Pink Insert Vinyl release of Dry As A Bone on Discogs. See full list on bloons. Mais dernièrement les affaires sont aussi sèche qu&39;un os. Cette ville sera asséchée. The path is dry as a bone. We are just as dry as dry bones, wrung out. Unknown strategy.

And Todd&39;s as dry as a bone. Founded in 1898, Driza Bone is a brand that has seen history being made. parched completely dry – used about land, or about someone’s lips, throat, skin etc The earth was so parched that there were huge cracks in it. you&39;re gone I can roll on to something good Oh what a way that we die Plenty of tears were supplied My eyes are wrung out and dry as a bone And I Should Over the Rhine. What does dry as a bone mean? View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1987 Orange label Vinyl release of Dry As A Bone on Discogs.

Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. Dry as a Bone is the second EP by the American rock band Green River. Look, dry as a bone. What is the adjective for bone dry? DRY AS A BONE / RE 13+1 sentence examples: 1. The soil was very hard and as dry as a bone.

It was released in July 1987 through Sub Pop Records. Do not put them in the front of the track. This town will be as dry as a bone. Spike Factories were my.

My steak is dry as a bone. However, Pavitt couldn&39;t afford to release it until the following year, and, as had happened with Come On Down, the record was delayed. DO NOT stitch through the outer fabric, should this be necessary, then re-proof the area with original Driza-Bone garment dressing. "Throughout, it has retained integrity, quality and durability. Stay alive inside, don&39;t be a stranger Keep a line open to the folks back home Don&39;t run and hide when everything changes Walk between the raindrops dry as a bone. Cet enfant est sec comme un os.

8/5/90 and just B1 for the second side. Always use the ability and also buy 2/0 farms, if you have enough money, sell the other farms that you buy and buy a 4/2 farm instead. J&39;ai la bouche en feu. But lately, business is dry as a bone. By the end of June the pond is as dry as a bone. The ground was bone dry (= completely dry).

La saison des pluies peut venir, DRY AS A BONE / RE vous serez sec comme un os. Dry As a Bone was finally released through Sub Pop Records in July 1987, a full year after it was recorded. referencing Dry As A Bone, 12", EP, RE, RP, TUPLP17, RTD L44117 I have a test pressing copy pressed by Mayking Records with the following information hand-written on the labels: A1 Cat. 50 starting cash, and average of Rank 5 of all towers in Monkey Knowledge Packs. From work to weekend, high street, heathland, horseback or just helluva downpour – your new Driza-Bone will do the job. Qwertyxp the second&39;s strategy. Nº TUP LP-17- and Date.

His throat was bone dry. · Dry hair can affect men and women of any age, but you’re more likely to develop it as you get older.


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